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For Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors and Sports Coaches.

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What is SuperFit?

SuperFit is a mobile app for iOS that helps fitness instructors create workout schedules that make money from subscriptions. Create workouts on the go. Process recurring payments with Stripe.

Key Features


Fast Workout Builder

Exercises filter as you search. Upload custom exercises, or select preset instructions from our library.


Super Easy to Use

A workout is like a Facebook Feed of your selected exercise videos— just swipe or let the app autoplay.


Fair Pricing

1 price for unlimited clients & video storage. For memberships, we receive only 2% revenue share (vs. Patreon's 8-12% share).


Powered by Stripe

SuperFit handle money transfers with Stripe— the leading payment processor for companies like Peloton, Lyft, Kickstarter, Postmates and more.

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New in 4.0

Introducing Paid Memberships. Powered by Stripe.

Convert a workout schedule on SuperFit into a paid membership with the flip of a switch.

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For private clients
Subscriptions simply payment collection. Clients often forget and have to be reminded each week.
For large groups

View your paid and free members at a glance. No need to keep mental tabs on missed payments.

New in 4.0

Your Clients and Workouts- In One Place.

Manage your clients, groups — and even your own workout schedule — in one simple view.

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