At-Home Upper Body Workout for Complete Beginners. [with coaching tips]

At-Home Upper Body Workout for Complete Beginners. [with coaching tips]

June 4, 2020


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You have a new client who’s never strength trained before.

He has no equipment and interested in working out solely at home. His goal: gain some muscle and look physically stronger. Here’s a simple 20 minute upper-body workout your client can do.

Instructions & Tips for Coaches

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1. Downward Dog Pose

This popular yoga pose is a great way to stretch the shoulders, back, and hamstrings before physical activity.
  • Start in pushup position
  • Deep breathe in, push arms back and hips up towards the ceiling.
  • Feel tension in hamstrings and calves. 
  • Exhale, then reset back to pushup position
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2. Arm Circles

Arm Circles is an easy way to loosen up the shoulder joints before getting into heavier exercises. This dynamic shoulder stretch primes the back (latissimus dorsi), chest, and overall shoulder joint for activity.
  • Start circling both arms slowly in small rounds
  • Speed up pace into larger circles
  • Reverse direction


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