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We help you coach remotely. What's that?

SuperFit Remote is an honest approach to the 'online personal training'.

We make online fitness coaching easier and more personal through your video feedback, live video calling & direct in-app messaging.

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This is what your clients see.

Your clients won't miss your workout Excel template.

This is what you see.

Build your workout plans on our website. Then share it with your clients on mobile.

So you built traction and gained some ❤s and followers, now what?


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Our core features are free to use. Paid plans allow you to sell your content and services.


Create a Training Plan

Build & test your workouts through our web and mobile app.


Publish, Share & Sell

Make your programs known. Share and sell to your audience through links to your page.

SuperFit vs. the others:

Key features our competitors don't offer independent coaches.

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Showcase Your Fitness Profile

Create a professional profile page to share and sell your training plans on SuperFit.

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Build a Custom Exercise Library.

Choose from our standard library of Exercise Definitions, or record and add your own.

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Start real conversations with your online client.

No AI Bot or automated messages appearing to come from you. SuperFit makes it easy to share videos and start calls with your clients in app.

Unlimited Private Clients. No Limits 🚀.

Our competitors charge your more as your active client list grows. We don't do that. Receive calls, send video messages and modify all your clients' workouts at no extra cost.

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Case Study: T3 Performance Gym

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T3 Performance grew their leads pipeline by 5-10% month over month in 2019 with dozens of online clients.

18% of leads reported they heard about T3 through a friend sharing a T3 workout plan on SuperFit. T3 also noticed higher engagement in direct messages on social because of free training plans listed on its website.

SuperFit uses Stripe, the industry-standard online payments company, to process customer payments and your profit earnings. T3 converted several private online clients through SuperFit's in-app payment method on iOS.

More Features

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Live Video Calling

Personalize your online coaching with live video calling. Express a visual exercise cue or say congrats more personally with HD resolution and clear audio.

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Ultra Fast Videos

We create multiple resolutions of your video so viewers watch your demos ASAP — kind of like a private YouTube library.

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Generous Cloud Storage

We securely store all your demo videos and instructions, as well as your video messages with online clients.

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Preview Workouts

Test each of your workouts in-app before publishing. Experience what your users see when working out.

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Conflict Assistance

Just like in personal training, you may work with a client that just does not work. If necessary, we'll step in to help resolve any disputes.

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Outstanding Documentation

Tools work best when they make sense. We're focused on making high-quality tutorials and videos for all actions and terminology on our platform.

Feedback from our
Coaches & Athletes.

Real feedback from our community of coaches & users
who enjoy using Remote & Workouts.

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Start with our free Hobby plan offering Remote's core features. Paid plans enable professionals to sell and charge for their published training plans & services.


$ 0
Forever, payment method required
  • Professional profile page
  • Share free public training plans
  • 200+ exercises in SuperFit database
  • Add your own exercises + video demos
  • Users see ads between exercises
  • Email & Support Documentation
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Billed annually


$ 40
per month, billed annually
  • Everything in Hobby, plus:
  • Sell Plans & Remote Coaching services
  • Offer multiple prices & introductory promotions
  • Make training plans private; only share with specific users
  • Direct message & view client progress
  • No ads between exercises
  • Faster video playback of your content
  • HD video calling with remote clients
  • Priority Support via video, call or chat
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Give our free Workouts app a try. This is what your clients & friends would use when you create and share your custom plans on SuperFit.

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