Introducing Paid Fitness Memberships

Offer paid memberships for your premium workout content

Add payments to any workout schedule on SuperFit.

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Get Started with Commerce.

Setting up secure payments with Stripe can be cumbersome. That's why we personally onboard every customer on our Commerce plan (required for paid memberships).

Sign up for Personal Pro

Accepting Payments is an add-on to our Personal Pro plan. Don't worry, you can try our free tier first before upgrading.

Onboarding Call

After upgrading, schedule a personal 45-minute Zoom call to get set up your Commerce account. We'll also walk you through best practices for building fitness memberships.

Start Charging 💸

Once complete, you can start charging a monthly subscription or a lifetime membership for access to your workout schedules.

Created For
Trainers & Instructors.

We built tools that helps fitness professionals earn money.

Flexible Payment Options

Charge monthly subscriptions or a one-time payments.

Customize Branding

Let your brand icon, images and color shine in the app.

Calendar View

Manage your paying clients and groups in one simple view.

Simple Signup Forms

Share Stripe-hosted signup forms for your premium content.

Stock Photo Library

Pick Unsplash photos in-app when you're short on content.

Premium Experience

Selling a digital service is hard. SuperFit helps extend your professional branding.

Fair Pricing

One price for unlimited clients and schedules. We receive 2% revenue share.

For large groups

Manage who's paying. No need to keep mental tabs on missed payments.

Powered by Stripe

Stripe is the leading payment processor for companies like Peloton, Lyft and more.

Paid Memberships

Manage your fitness clients on SuperFit.

Stay focused on growing clients and let us handle the software, tools and payments.

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